Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why this blog

Honestly, I realized that the wine I like is more often $30 then $300 or $3. But the only way to find the wines I like is to try them. Most wines in fact are only good to add to a roast recipe. I learned that I can't chose based on the price. After spending some money to try $200 bottles I learned the expensive way that I can't chose wine based on grades or what other wine experts liked and graded. I am not criticizing the experts, I am just noticing that my taste and their taste differ.
How is my taste like ?
Here is what I noticed:

Usually all wines below $20 are horrible.
Usually my favorite wines are between $30 and $60.
And most wines above $60 are not at my taste with some exceptions which I usually appreciate as much as a $30 wine.

Therefore expect me to most post about wines I like in the $30-$60 range. Those are to me the best cost to value. And I've tried amazing wines at $30.

Sometimes I'll put up a bottle at $100 or maybe more, and I'll clearly point out that if it was $40 I'll love to buy a case, but at $100, I'll drink it if somebody else pays for it :)

So , in a few words, don't trust the price, don't trust the experts, try and find the wines you like.

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