Saturday, December 29, 2012

An interesting variety : Roussanne

Also yesterday in Sonoma we stumbled upon a small winery which had 2 labels : GlenLyon and Two Amigos.  Put apart the humor of one of the owners who was presenting the wines, we also noted some very different wines among which one caught our attention.

I particularly noticed it's Honey taste. We will see if once shipped home and once we had more then one sip we will still like it as much but we certainly hope so :)
They vinter describes it as a Vino Bianco ( Italian name) made out of Roussanne ( a French Rhone varietal).

Here it is :


2009 Vito's Vino Bianco at $20

We noticed the unusual grapes, aromas and flavors and especially the honey and lemon. And at that price it was certainly worth it !
The other part we found very interesting was more information about their business. This (micro?) winery is run by the 2 partners. I think I heard that they do 3,000 to 4,000 cases a year or maybe 30-40,000 bottles a year, and they employ 1 vineyard manager full time. The harvest takes 1 day ( I think they only have 10 acres of vineyard) so it only takes a few part time hands to do it. And they employ a few part time hands every now and then and maybe an intern. So all in all at 40,000 bottles a year, that means about $800,000 in revenue  and given they sell everything themselves (at high margin) they probably end up with about $100,000  a year in revenue each of the 2 partners. Note that they do have to pay for a tasting room downtown Sonoma, salaries, taxes, cost of goods sold... So this should give you an idea on how a small little winery and vineyard works.

Enjoy !

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