Thursday, December 27, 2012

Visiting Napa , a few wines

As I am right now visiting Napa , I've tasted so far in the 1st 2 days about 70 wines (yes, seventy, I am not here often and I intend to put my trip to good usage).

Here is what I would buy without any hesitation and drink all day long :

The Nobel Red
2007 Stonehedge Terroir Select Napa Valley The Nobel Red
For $30 , a real deal :)
I absolutely loved this wine. Rich to start, long finish, red fruits, smooth, no strong tanins, and while not sweet it does have a certain sweetness in it.

My favorite Chardonnay so far :

2010 Diamond Ridge Chardonnay
We loved the butter , the smoothness, the really long finish and the complete lack of acidity. A real pleasure. And for the price, a steal !

Our favorite desert wine so far:

2010 Joseph Phelps Eisrebe White Wine
$30 (for 1/2 bottle)

Yes, strange grape, they actually collect the grapes and send it away to be frozen, and then they make the wine. The sweetness is of course present but it doesn't overpower everything.

Our favorite pink wine so far :

2011 Honig Cab Sauv pink

Really noted the strawberries and really no acidity

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