Friday, December 28, 2012

Old people know good wine

As you saw in the previous post, I was quite disappointed with the popular wines ( Shafer, Joseph Phelps, Caymus...). With 2 exceptions.

You probably noted that we really liked the Eisrebe desert wine from Joseph Phelps ( $30 !).
The other exception is the Zinfandel Napa Valley from Caymus.
I had done some research on the Caymus family and I had read on their website "In 1971 Charles F. (Charlie) Wagner and his wife Lorna Belle Glos Wagner asked their son Charles J. (Chuck) Wagner, who had just graduated from high school, if he would be interested in joining them in starting up a winery. If Chuck declined the offer, Charlie and Lorna were planning to sell out of their ranch in Napa Valley and move to Australia. Chuck accepted his parents’ offer to launch the winery, Caymus Vineyards.

The Wagners produced their first vintage in 1972, consisting of 240 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon. Since then, Caymus has focused their efforts in the production of quality Cabernet Sauvignon. Today’s production is 65,000 cases."
Quite a success story, and they nearly become cowboys in Australia, quite a different path that would have been. ( If you haven't seen the movie Australia , check it out to see what I mean).

Anyway, I was told at the winery that the Patriarch, Charlie Wagner, had passed away 11 years ago. I was really sad to hear as I admire his decision in 1971 and the choices he had to make.
But more importantly, I wanted to try their Zinfandel. After some negotiations ( it was of course another one of those bonuses, hard to get, not for the public... bad attitude again !) I did get to try a sip and what a surprise :)
They apparently keep making it, even though they think it's less good then their Special Selection, just because it was Patriarch Charlie's favorite. And I can see why, it liked it so much better then the Special Selection myself :) We quickly bought some :)

So I can only recommend :

Caymus Zinfandel :

2009 Caymus Napa Valley Zinfandel $30,%20P.ProductName%20ASC&ShippingState=CA

It has that ton of flavor I like in wines, smooth, not harsh with of course a little spices and pepper. Really amazing and worth every penny.

So , once again, don't trust what the critics say, don't trust the price, don't trust was experts say, just try the wines you want with an open. I would certainly hope that Caymus will continue to honor Charles Wagner's memory, it would be a mistake to stop this Zinfandel.

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