Sunday, December 30, 2012

Turnbull, overall, best winery in Napa !

And as we were driving from Rubicon to Inglenook , on highway 29, about 2 doors down is a winery called Turnbull.
You would think that being 2 doors down from Opus One, on the main highway, with a lot of traffic, the winery's real estate is worth a lot of money. But it's not up for sale ! Therefore it must be really profitable. Now, given we never heard of it ( unlike Chandon, Opus , Mondavi and a few other similar ones) the wine MUST be good and popular otherwise ... it will be up for sale for its real estate value.

In short : Turnbull is not up for sale, THEREFORE it must be amazing wine !

We had to walk in. And what would you guess ? Not only were the wine connoisseurs behind the counter really nice, but over all ( and we tried all their wines) we found that nearly all their wines were amazing. And I mean all , at $30, at 45$ , at $50 and even $75.  We loved it.

So by unanimity we really decided it was the best winery in Napa (for their wine , but also for everything else). All their wines were amazing.

And while I can recommend all their wines, we at least felt we couldn't leave without these 3 bottles (despite the price of one of them !) :

The Turnbull Syrah , the ladies' favorite : 

2009 Syrah Turnbull Estate Grown Napa Valley at $30
(yeah, they run out of the '08 !! at $30 ...)

Our favorite Merlot (and in fact only good one we tasted on this trip) :

2008 Fortuna Merlot at $55
This Merlot is made from 1 single vineyard, Fortuna. And the bouquet is amazing, the aromas keep on going, smooth, not too many tannins .... amazing !

And last, but certainly the best, and to us at least, the best Cabernet Sauvignon we had in this entire trip  :

The Turnbull Fortuna Cabernet Sauvignon :

2008 Fortuna Cabernet Sauvignon at $75
This of the Merlot, and then think this one is twice as good.

Now you may notice that they sell 100% of their wine through their wine club. This says something no ? Also that one gets 20% discount if in wine club. That means from $75 to 55$ for the Cab. So we are seriously thinking of becoming members :) We'll see how these bottles taste at home.

Enjoy !

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