Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kaz's unique Petit Verdot from the barrel

Yesterday we decided that given the quality to price we will try going back to Sonoma and see what should be seen outside of the Sonoma town center square.
We wandered around, going somehow up valley. Tried a 1st winery, that had decent wines for a very reasonable price but nothing worth shipping accross the country.
There they recommended that we actually go see a unique winery, the smallest one in the valley of Sonoma, called Kaz. We were told that they make some original wines worth trying..

And indeed, it was quite fun to visit. They had some wine making tools around, certainly small, a few barrels around, and they do have some original wines. We tried a 100% Petit Verdot, 2 different vintages, and the 2nd one from the barrel directly.  It was quite interesting and we did leave with a bottle( which we purred in the bottle ourselves, corked ourselves and even chose the label for, fun to do it , I wander why not more wineries do so !).

So here is a unique varietal, but to drink not to keep, and while this particular barrel we tried was very good , others may not be , so ....just try it :)

Kaz's unique 100% Petit Verdot (from the barrel):

2009 "From the Barrel" Dilly Dally for $30

It had some nice upfront flavours, and a cute bouquet and aromas. ( Careful, other vintages did finish on a strong yeast taste which I don't care much for, this one didn't have any at this time).

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