Friday, December 28, 2012

Rutherford Grill recommended to us by a vegetarian

A vegetarian friend of course advised us to try the Rutherford Grill. Strange no ? She meant it for the corn bread. But what a gem ! The corn bread is good, I won't say the contrary. But what we discovered there was their wine selection and most importantly the prices.

$500 Chateau D'Yquem. $220 Opus One.. and on and on and on ....
And they had the Caymus Zinfandel by the glass. Guess what was the waitress' favorite wine ? The Caymus Zinfandel ( which they get probably by walking to the winery at the end of the street by the way).

So if you want to try exceptional wines, if you want to make sure they come with the guarantee of being well stored , well selected and that if there is anything wrong with the bottle it will be changed, go to the Rutherford Grill in Rutherford on Rutherford Road ( doesn't get more Rutherford then that !) .

Oh yeah, and the food is amazing too :)

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