Sunday, December 30, 2012

More on famous wines (Opus and Rubicon)

We have a friend who offered us absolutely amazing wines every single time we had dinner together. We never know of course how much the bottles costs but we have some assumptions.
Next time he invites us I will for sure ask him for the info and put it up here.
But in the meantime, we just asked him to recommend to us what to visit today in Napa.
And guess what he recommended ?
Opus One (the winery is named the same as the wine and it is pretty much their only wine) and Inglenook ( the Coppolla-estate that changed name , again).

We have a ($40) glass of 2009 Opus One which was for sale at $220 per bottle. They also had a 2005 for sale at $260 per bottle. The 2009 was definitively interesting and smooth but we didn't feel much aromas. So I certainly would like to try the 2005 which of course was not possible. So another wine on the "I would like to try" list.

On the other side we also went to Inglewood , whom, because they do not allow to share tastings, and because it is $50 per tasting of 4 wines, felt disenchanting. Luckily, and I really recommend trying it, they have a wine bar/cafe on the premisses (in the castle itself !) and there a 2 Oz pour (tasting is usually 1Oz) is $15, and you can try all their wines, and... share them !! Isn't it amazing ? So we tried their Zinfandel, their main Rubicon brand ( 2009 vintage) and 2 whites, the Blanc de Blanc and the Riesling. Honestly the 2009 Rubicon tasted better then the Opus One to me but once again I wish we could try a 2005 or older Rubicon. And I have good reasons to believe that next time we see our friend we will be able to try the '05 :)

So what do we recommend in all of this ?
The Inglewood Riesling. It's not a unheard of, i won't win competitions, but it's a nice balance, not too sweet, drinks easily and for $19 can't go wrong.

The Inglenook Riesling called Sofia ( from Sofia Coppola we would expect) :

2010 Sofia Riesling Monterey County at $19

As you can see it can be found for cheaper elsewhere but it was $19 on the estate. I would say really easy to drink, nice, with a not-too-strong taste desert . Enjoy !

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