Thursday, December 27, 2012

2 Cabs sauv

And also to illustrate what I said earlier, 2 Cab Sauv, one at $60 , one at $100.
I feel that the $100 should be more like $50, and the $60 is much better :)
Here they are :

Honig Cab Sauv Napa Valleu from 2006

2006 Honig Cab Sauv Napa Valley  $60

( The winery has it for 60$ so this is much cheaper in this shop, a little strange, needs trying 1st before buying too much of it, hence I list it at $60)

And the LumpJack Cab :

2010 PlumpJack Estate Cab Sauv  $98

Really really good, but honestly, we can find (with a lot of research !) similar or better ones around $60.

Both Cabernets have amazing bouquet at the beginning, long finish, a lot of flavor, a lot of interesting flavors, fruits and really light tannins like I like them. No coarseness at the end at all. And every mouthful you will really fill the richness of their contents.

I am still a little surprised we haven't found any amazing Pinot Noirs yet, the research continues....
Enjoy !

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