Saturday, December 29, 2012

no-port-Port and why ?

When one says Port , one actually means the Portuguese Port made in Port in Portugal, which is of course copyrighted.
So when Sonoma valley takes Old Zin, adds some spirit of some sort to it to fortify it, and sells it they call it no-port-Port , obviously :)

We tried a few. Of course they are all sweet , they are all good, they all go with chocolate. But we tried one, that was not overpowering, that wasn't too strong, that didn't taste artificial, and that actually probably took some skill to make.

So here was our favorite (from what we tasted of course, so far of course..)

no-port-Port from Sonoma's Old Vine Zinfandels :

2010  Old Vine Zinfandel Port  from Eric Ross winery ( Dry Creek Valley)  at $50

The vines are 90 years old... Yes, wine making in California apparently started more or less in Sonoma, and with Zinfandels. Hence you have tons of old-Zinfandel vines in Sonoma :)
We'll talk more about that when I tell you what we bought today ( yes, more Zinfandel, lots more !).

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