Saturday, February 6, 2016

WORST experience in Napa : Back Room wine store downtown Napa

Bad experiences happen but I think we reached a new level.

On the way back from Calistoga I stopped downtown Napa at the Back Room wine store at 1000 Main Street.

I was beyond disappointed by the experience there. They were serving at $5 a taste from a $60 bottle of wine with a Coravin. Is a $60 bottle of wine now so high end that it needs to be Coravined ? But the real shock was that the $60 wine was clearly corked. Wet cardboard nose, wet cardboard body and ... they kept serving it. I asked if they felt it was corked. They guy serving it clearly had no idea, he hadn't even tasted it !! Really ?? And what did he do ? Did he taste it then ? Nope. He declared it was fine.

Oh, I thought maybe as a wine store at least they will have supplies. I asked if they sold airplane packaging. Same guy then spent at least 5 minutes telling me  that checking wine on a plane is a no-no and it ALWAYS breaks. Did he ever fly on the plane ever ? Probably not. Somehow, miraculously, I've been flying with wines for more then 15 years and guess what ? NOT A SINGLE bottle ever broke. At least if their wines they had selected were any good or the people were interesting or knowledgeable.

Expensive tasting at $20 (tax was not included too !) . They probably need to change the team there.

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