Saturday, February 6, 2016

Napa Valley 3rd trip day 1

Exciting to be in Napa for a 3rd visit. It’s been quite busy and a really active visit. And it’s not even over yet

1.      1. Luna Winery

I first stopped at Luna Winery just at the entrance of Oak Knoll. Italian inspiration. They stood out for growing Sangiovese grapes imported from Itality in Napa. Left with some Classico Sangiovese.
      2. Reynolds Winery

After driving a little further ended up on the right at Reynold’s winery. The team there was especially nice and you can taste outside and indoors. They really stood out for their darker and boldier Pinot Noir. But what was really special was their Quote blend made without sulfites but with an Ozone ( O3) process. Very fruity and flavorful. Also really liked their 100% Petit Verdot which tasted surprisingly like a really nice Cabernet Sauvignon.

3.      3. Grgich Hills Winery

After a nice lunch at Rutherford Grill, as usual, moved on to Grgich Hills winery not far from the restaurant on the left. It is on the main road and very popular. The owner is of Croatian origin and they have a nice board showing Napa’s wine history. Nice wines but a little pricey. Left with a 100% Petit Verdot from here too, mostly as an educational wine showing the tannins power in a Petit Verdot while keeping the wine still very pleasant.
     4. Heitz Winery

Continued with the Heitz Winery. I had a bottle of their Cabernet Sauvignon in Capital Grill at a very reasonable price and really wanted to try their collection. Was not disappointed. They had some 1998 Cab single vineyard which had a unique minty nose and body. The mint aroma I had never had before especially in a red wine could potentially come from a lot of eucalyptus trees around the vineyard. And what stood out for me was also their port made with the original port grapes , a whole mix of 5 or so grapes, from Portugal. Not cheap, but they do make ½ bottles and their 750ml bottles are still reasonable. Maybe a trip to Port in Portugal is worth it.

5.      C5. Corasin Winery

Finished with a unique visit at Corasin winery. It is on reservation only but I was exceptionally welcomed in by Nolan who also opened up their wine collection for a taste. They have a TINY, and by that I mean TINY offering and the entire vineyard is in the back of the winery. They are known for pickcing their grapes early in the season. And you couldn’t tell from the wine color. Unique wines worth the experience but certainly on the expensive side. 

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