Sunday, January 27, 2013

Primitivo Negroamaro : wild grapes bitter black wine

I did try some wine clubs. One of them is
So far most of the wines have been average . For an average price of $15 a bottle, we got what we paid for.
However 1 particular wine stood out at least in my view.
It stood out for the very interesting name :

Primitivo Negroamaro . With my French and Romanian languages, when I read Primitivo it makes me think of primitive of course, or in other words unsofisticated, antique, rough so it makes me think of some vine that is maybe wild, something as different as wild apples are from orchard apples. Interesting no ?

But this is not the end. Negroamaro makes me think of negre , which in this context I would take it as particularly dark, sombre, pitch black and amaro, which brings to me the notion of bitter. So, bitter black.

In fewer words , this is  a wild grapes bitter black wine. Huh ??

I had to open it.
And guess what ?
The color is very interesting, pitch black, dark, very dark purple. Look at your tongue in the mirror :)
But what about the taste ? It was rich, full, it made you fill more like you were drinking thick hot cholocate then wine. The amaro ? Not really, a very interestingly pleasant unique wine.

I loved it and quickly bought a steady reserve of it . Did I mention the price ? $20 / bottle :)

So here is my recommendation :

Wild grapes bitter black wine :

2009 PIllastro Selezione d'Oro Primitivo Negroamaro at $20

Oh, and did I mention the bottle was also very preatty ? Thick glass, nice label, a wonderful experience all around.

Enjoy !

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